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QuikPlus Atom-sized Ionic Bone Matrix

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QuikPlus Bone Matrix atom-sized minerals do not require digestion; swish in mouth for tooth decay and increase dosage if at risk for osteoporosis.

Directions +

Dosage: 1 tbsp (15ml) 1-2 times per day. Shake well. Use as is, or dilute in 1 oz. of water. Swish and hold in mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing to benefit teeth. Or add to water, juice, broth, tea, shake or smoothie. For best results, consume away from phytates (grains, legumes).

Ingredients +

Calcium; for bone & tooth formation.

Magnesium; essential for uptake of calcium, needed to convert Vit. D3.

Potassium; improves calcium balance.

Manganese; helpful for spinal bone.

Silica; skeletal health and bone formation.

Boron; involved in bone health and calcium metabolism.

Selenium; intake & blood levels are associated with bone density.

Zinc/Copper; copper is an essential trace mineral but must be balanced with the correct ratio of zinc.*

De-ionized water

Jini Says +

We used these atom-sized minerals to completely heal and re-mineralize my daughter's half rotted teeth when she was a toddler. I had transitioned her from breastmilk to diluted rice milk (not realizing how high glycemic it was) and her two front teeth rotted half away and turned brown. After brushing her teeth each night, I had her swish these minerals around her teeth and hold them in her mouth for as long as she could. At that age she could manage about 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Within a few months, her rotted teeth had turned white and hardened! I remember the dentist tapping on them in amazement.

QuikPlus Bone Matrix is one of the products that I formulated for Imix Nutrition, and in doing so I cross-referenced clinical trials with nutritional data gathered by Dr. Weston Price in the 1930's when he analyzed foods eaten by healthy tribes or villagers (no degenerative disease and a tooth decay rate of less than 1%) to come up with the blend I felt had maximum potency. However, I was having real difficulty sourcing the nano-sized zinc in the concentration I needed for the copper:zinc ratio. After months of frustration I threw it out to the Universe and asked for a sign as to whether the copper:zinc ratio was as important as I thought it was. The next day an email arrived in my Inbox from my MD brother - it was an article outlining how autism begins in utero because the copper:zinc ratio is off! So I persisted until I found a supplier who could provide exactly what I needed.

My 75 year old mother takes this to guard against osteoporosis and my whole family takes it for bone and tooth health. We all use it after brushing out teeth and we swish for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. It has been an integral part of my protocol for healing tooth decay and remaining cavity-free for 5 years and counting!

This blend of minerals needed to build healthy teeth and bones is very different from standard powdered or colloidal minerals. It is atom-sized (angstrom/nanoparticle-sized - less than 250 picometres in diameter) and ionically charged, so it does not require digestion, won't build up your arteries, nor irritate your bowels.

QuikPlus Bone Matrix contains atom-sized ionic minerals in ideal forms and ratios, to support healthy bones and teeth.* It does not require digestion as its nano size (less than 250 picometers) means it can be absorbed directly into your cells.*

Gentle on the bowel: QuikPlus Bone Matrix atom-sized minerals does not require digestion as its nano size (less than 250 picometers) means it can be absorbed directly into your cells.*

Customer Testimonial:

"I've only been taking this for about a week but I already see a difference in my teeth. The enamel is hard and actually whitening. Pretty awesome. It also helps with my cramps." 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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